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Slide Desig

Hi! I’m a Product Designer with over 8 years of professional experience. Currently I’m working as a Senior Product Designer for Spotify.

Slide Klarna

Building a new Klarna web experience for consumers

Making Klarna account creation intuitive and seamless


Slide Telenor

Designing an IoT solution for car maintenance and tracking


A fleet and logistic management system for transport industry

Slide Bookout

App design where you can shop for books and create clubs


More Projects

Slide OceanTop is a webstore for shoppers who are interested in purchasing custom built surfboards. View project launch OceanTop

Slide View project launch My Telenor app was revamped for both iOS and Android. It is a one-stop telecom solution for 4.3 million monthly active users. My Telenor

Slide Estella Furnitures is a webstore where a customer can order furnitures online. Customers can also browse different catalogues and build custom furniture.
View project launch Estella Furnitures

Slide Designed a 3D model of Harley Davidsons FatBoy with some customisation. View project launch Harley Project

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